How fast is your Internet connection?

A vast majority of high-speed Internet users have no idea how fast their connections are, according to a new survey released Tuesday by the Federal Communications Commission. That prompting the FCC to seek 10,000 volunteers who would have special hardware installed at home to measure the Internet speed, writes our Washington reporter Jim Puzzanghera. It... Read More »

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Replacing cash with a phone

I do not have any cash on me may no longer be a valid excuse with the arrival of credit-card readers that can be used with mobile phones. In a potential boon to street vendors, mom-and-pop shops and those who just want to lend a few bucks to a friend, several companies have rolled out ways to use cellphones to process credit-card payments... Read More »

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Lawmakers grill Google Eric Schmidt on Spy-Fi privacy issue

A bipartisan group of congressional representatives wrote a letter to Google Inc. chief executive Eric Schmidt, grilling him over what they called Google Spy-Fi data collection. The company Street View mapping vehicles had collected three years worth of data about wireless access points around the world -- including personal communications that were being... Read More »

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Twitter fake BP spokesman too slick for the oil company

As if the all-too-real BP oil spill were enough of a circus, a satirical Twitter account called @BPGlobalPR adds some dark humor to a sludgy situation. The fake BP Twitter page was created a week ago and already has 42,000 followers -- dwarfing BP real account, @BP_America, which has 5,700. The person pulling the strings of @BPGlobalPR, who refused to... Read More »

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Zynga recruits Yahoo to distribute social games

Making good on its earlier allusions to finding additional outlets for its social games, Zynga on Wednesday said it would distribute games on Yahoo. The deal gives Zynga a new outlet for its games, which reach 230 million players a month, mostly on Facebook. For Yahoo, Zynga´s hyper-popular social games are part of a broader strategy to add more... Read More »

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Smart traffic lights could remotely stop vehicle engines — IBM patent application

Speeding through a red light? Not a chance, according to IBM Corp. The technology behemoth, known for its work with computers, is now trying its hand at traffic. The company recently filed a patent application for a system that could remotely stop and start vehicle engines at traffic signals in order to save fuel and prevent crashes. The system would... Read More »

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Web surfers get serious about Googling themselves

Googling yourself -- or "ego surfing" -- is no longer just an exercise in digital narcissism. It´s a necessary effort to shape -- and protect -- your online brand. And online reputation monitoring is on the rise, with 57% of adult Internet users using search engines to find online information about themselves, up from 47% in 2006,... Read More »

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New media company preaches tech role in solving world problems

Silicon Valley often views itself through the prism of the world-changing technology it creates. Last month, for example, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told an audience of software developers at the website Chirp conference in San Francisco that Twitter was not a triumph of technology, but a triumph of humanity. Techonomy Some who think the popular... Read More »

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Skype to charge iPhone users for 3G network calls

IPhone users should be advised to save their nickels and dimes. Alongside the announcement that AT&T will cap its data plans -- finally bringing its Internet offerings more in line with the guessing game that is the cellphone calling plan -- Skype says it intends to charge iPhone users for calls made over AT&T 3G network later this year. Skype said it... Read More »

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Digitally downloaded software popular online, automatic renewals not so much

Digital delivery is the preferred method of getting software, with consumers reporting they got nearly two-thirds of their programs last year through online downloads, according to an NPD Group report released Tuesday. But updating that software automatically is not in favor-only 5% of those covered in the survey trusted retailers to do that, according... Read More »

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